Teaser Photo San Roque Elementary School – education as a foundation for a better future dedicated to Antal Gergics
A project cooperation of Philippines children’s aid association KinderHilfe Philippinen e.V. and the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation

Project Description

Most schools in the Philippines are greatly in need of optimisation. The existing schools are hardly able to admit the around one million children starting primary school; they are also in extremely bad condition.

Together with the project partner, KinderHilfe Philippinen e.V., which has been socially committed in the Philippines for 25 years, last year the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation started work on the San Roque Elementary School and completely renovated the school.

San Roque Elementary School is in the south of the Philippine island of Leyte and has 420 pupils. The school premises consist of individual, ground level buildings. These were largely in a state of disrepair because the buildings were never maintained. With cracked concrete floors, leaking roofs, defective fans and unbearable heat in the classrooms, broken toilets and a lack of washing rooms, the entire premises were also far from an ideal learning environment for the pupils and teachers.

Project Goals

The objective of the CFF with the renovation work was to improve the quality of teaching and life in San Roque Elementary School. The parents should also be made more aware that education creates opportunities to escape poverty.
The Lyoness motto “Together we are strong” also needs to become the guiding principle in the San Roque school. After all, these goals can be achieved only if the school administration, teachers, parents and the village community are interested in change and therefore improving the quality of teaching and life.

The project is divided into two phases:
- Renovation phase and community building
- Improving the quality of education with further training programmes for teachers and additional courses (language and technology) for the pupils

Concrete Implementation

School opening and dedication 

Lyoness CEO Hubert Freidl, many Lyoness managers and members of the president’s team celebrated the opening on a large scale. This also included the Hungarian Antal Gergics, who was the first Lyoness premium member to reach career level 8 and to whom the renovated San Roque Elementary School was dedicated. 

A special entertainment programme was provided by the pupils who sang traditional Philippine songs and danced along to these. As a surprise gift for the perfect start at the school, all of the around 400 children received a School Starter Kit from the CFF.

Project Title

San Roque Elementary School – Education as a foundation for a better future

Project Location

Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte, Philippines

Project Period

Phase I: September 2011 – August 2012
Phase II: from September 2012


420 children from the Padre Burgos community attending the San Roque Elementary School. The local population will benefit from the newly created infrastructure and the training and continuous education opportunities.

Project Partner

Kinderhilfe Philippinen, e.V, Mainz (


To create an attractive learning environment, the 16 classrooms were given a bright design with friendly colours. In addition, all classrooms were equipped with new furniture, with book shelves, blackboards and school utensils. All rooms were given new windows, doors, ceilings and floors, new ventilation, and a toilet was installed for each classroom.

The washing facilities, the utility rooms, the stage and the entirely outdated canteen were modernised. The outdoor facility was redesigned and the dangerous cracked paths were eliminated. In addition, a photovoltaic system was installed on the school roof in cooperation with the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation. The school clinic for first aid treatment of minor injuries was newly equipped and the previously lacking conference room for teachers was set up. 

Next steps
education and further training options
In the coming months the curriculum will be further extended and coordinated to be in line with the local needs and conditions. Mathematics and science need to be taught using modern teaching materials. Intensive English lessons and the so far lacking IT classes aim to create a sound foundation for the future of the pupils. Better equipment which is suitable for children is being provided for courses like agriculture, nutrition science and health. The teachers are also being given additional possibilities of further training, especially in English and IT.

Maintenance and repair/monitoring
All costs for repair work are borne by the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation. The implemented education and further training offers are regularly supervised and evaluated.

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