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Father’s Day in Honduras on 18.03.2017

All around the world there is a day dedicated to our Fathers to show how much we care. It's basically the same tradition, just celebrated on different days. In Honduras, Father's Day fell on 18.03.2017 and the students at Escuela Lyoness showed just how much they love their Fathers. The whole day was filled with performances for the Fathers, which the children had learned and lovingly prepared for during the previous week. Students from all grades, including the little pre-schoolers, performed songs, poems, acts and plays to honour their Fathers. The Fathers were also included in the games, and at the end of the day, there was even a vote for the "Lyoness Father of the Year". A day filled with such love was sure to have warmed the heart of every Father.

Democracy means having a choice

For some people, democracy means having a choice. For others it means accepting responsibility. The aim of the Student Government is to teach the students about the various aspects of democracy, and voting took place on 28.04.2017. The entire election process is based on the Honduras voting system. There were two parties up for election at the Escuela Lyoness in El Peru; K-Trachos and the Movemiento Estudiantes Lyoness. The parties were made up of students from all grades, including candidates from the 5th Grade. The vote was supervised by an independent supervisor committee, and included a check of each voter's school ID.

Business before pleasure

The beginning of April was an intense time for the students of the Escuela Lyoness in Honduras as they had to pass the spring term exams. As a reward for all their hard work, once the exams were completed, they had a picnic to celebrate the start of the Spring Break. Teacher, Raul, and the Student Government made arrangements to hire a bouncy castle and two pools from the "vida major" youth group for the occasion. They also managed to finance another pool through funds raised by a donation campaign, and the children had a great time jumping around on the bouncy castle and splashing in the pools. In addition, the Student Government also donated ice cream and, together with birthday cake in honour of the children who had birthdays in March and April, the children enjoyed a sweet treat. The fun at the picnic made all their hard work worthwhile. It was a day full of laughter and fun and a great way to start the Spring Break.