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...national projects supported long-term and sustainably

Lyoness Child and Family Europe

Lyoness members can actively support projects on a national level all over Europe by means of an education sponsorship and by becoming a free member of the organisation “Lyoness Child & Family Europe – Association for supporting children, adolescents and families in need”. Our sponsors are not only very important supporters, but also active ambassadors for our Association and loyal companions to our projects.

With only € 1 per day, which means € 30 per month, the CFE’s national projects can be supported. National projects are thereby supported long-term and sustainably by educational sponsorships.

Sponsorship can be obtained online in your Lyoness Online Office at Lyoness Website - My Lyoness - Education sponsorship.

If you are not already a Lyoness Member, you can register for free here!

Oster_BildungspatenschaftBecome a extraordinary member of the
Lyoness Child & Family Europe Association

Obtaining a free membership in the recently founded organisation “Lyoness Child & Family Europe – Association for supporting children, adolescents and families in need” allows you to be part of the European Child & Family Community.

You will obtain specific information on the projects and activities carried out by the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation in various countries and all over Europe. As a member of the Association, you will receive up to date information to be well informed on how the people in need are benefiting.  A strong community can achieve a lot and you have the opportunity to be a part of it.

Articles of the Association


For donors/education sponsors from Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic to the Lyoness Child & Family Europe Association

Your donations are tax-deductible

With a decision by the Federal Ministry of Finance from 4th October 2013 it is officially confirmed that donations to the Lyoness Child & Family Europe – Association for supporting and promoting children, adolescents and families in need, based in Austria, are tax-deductible.

Registration Number/Finance Authority: SO 2261

Criteria for tax-deductibility:

  • Please keep your statements/deposit slips!
    Please keep deposit slips from transfers or cash deposits and respective bank statements from standing orders. The statements/deposit slips serve as proof for your donation activities. Please keep your statements/deposit slips in a safe place – the Finance Authority is allowed to ask for documents proofing your donation up to 7 years after it was made.
  • Only the person whose name is on the statement/deposit slip can deduct the amount. So please mind that your name must be on it.
  • Every amount of donation is tax-deductible. The maximum amount deductible is 10 per cent of your last year’s gross income, for businesses it is 10 per cent of their last year’s profit.
So, you can deduct the total of your donations at the end of each year in your tax equalization (employee assessment).

We will be pleased to provide you with a written confirmation of your donations, but please be careful: Only original statements/deposit slips are legally valid.

General information on tax-free donations can be found on the Federal Ministry of Finance’s website..

Spendenbegünstigungsbescheid (Certificate of donation beneficiary)

Regulations for the following countries:

Czech Republic
  • No legal regulation regarding the specific form of the proof of donation
  • Bank deposit receipt (name, address of the donor)
  • For donations up to EUR 200, the bank deposit receipt suffices (name and address of the donor)
  • For donations exceeding the above mentioned amount, a proof of donation is made available by Lyoness (sample – see attachment).